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The weather was just right for an event outdoors. This is the second time I have been to Magnolia at Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah. I could not get enough of the carnival-themed event that the PR team of New Look organized to showcase their S/S 2012 collection. I won lots of candy at the games and didn’t feel like leaving the fair to attend other events of the day. Alas! All good things must come to an end, and this one had to as well.

DIAF spoke with Deepak Kumar, Visual Merchandiser, New Look, to get in on the main trends this Summer. To sum it up, it’s floral when it comes to prints, Crochet (lots of it) when it comes to fabrics and pastels when it comes to colors.

Watch him talk to DIAF after which you can also watch the items that will be on the racks at a New Look near you, in the second video.

The items in-store at New Look:


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