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I couldn’t help but ask, while at the same time trying to be subtle, why would someone of Giovanna Ferragamo’s caliber and prominence in the fashion world (Giovanna Ferragamo currently servers as the Vice President of Ferragamo Finanziaria SpA.), fly out for a fragrance launch? ‘Ah! But this isn’t just any fragrance launch,’ I thought to myself at the same time I asked the question. The reply came quickly. “The fashion house – Salvatore Ferragamo – is passionately branching out into the world of cosmetics and parfums.

I, for one, am glad as this gave me the chance of adding another impressionable individual that I-met-to-brag-about list.

‘Signorina’ means a ‘young lady’ in Italian. This substantiates that fact that the Ferragamo brand is changing its positioning in the fashion market place to appeal to the youth. I did ask Giovanna Ferragamo about that. (A similar story on re-branding on another fashion house done on DIAF here. Needless to mention, brand Salvatore Ferragamo has persevered in its efforts to appeal to the younger ‘lady of fashion’ in the last decade.

Graceful, composed and articulate. Giovanna Ferragamo was all that and more. She agreed with me when I said that the brand wants to appeal more and more to Generation ‘Y.’ If the Milan Fashion Week F/W 2012 is any indication of a successful re-branding strategy, Salvatore Ferragamo maybe one of them. It seems well on its way into the hearts of the young and the au courant. Celebrities wearing Salvatore are Rosie Huntington, Freida Pinto, Kim Kardashian, (in last Fall’s fav print, Houndstooth),  just to name a few.

Coming to the launch of the parfum, ‘Signorina.’ Being an Italian fashion house, of course, they left no stone unturned when it came to opulence and theatrics. They ensured that the model that would unveil the perfume looked almost like Bianca Balti, the gorgeous Italian model that was part of the official video campaign of the perfume. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Such were the preps! She was made to sit pretty, and pretty she was, in the color palette of the season — pastels. A peach ruffled gown made her the object of attention, while she sprayed herself with the perfume as soon as the curtains came down.

The fragrance, as described by the perfumers is, ‘notes of currant spiced by fresh pink pepper’, ‘made of fresh elegant jasmine, rosy peony and the chic femininity of rose.’

Signorina is available at all Areej stores in Dubai.

Watch Giovanna Ferragamo talk to Dubai in a Frame:


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