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It was outdoors, chilly and very colorful. This was the scene at Grana Khan’s home in Jumeirah for her S/S ’12 showcase. While we had delish wine and the host’s company to keep us warm, I was still freezing in my sheer black stockings. The things we do for…let’s leave it at that. Coming to the clothes displayed by Dubai-based designer Grana Khan, which goes by the name of ‘Le Grana.’ It was, as she puts it, ‘simple with a twist.’ I realized, right after she said that, that my own style is somewhat like hers. My favorite was the white chiffon shirt with drapes styled impeccably on the front and back.

Watch Grana talk to DIAF and for a sneak peak at Le Grana’s S/S ’12 collection. You can also find it on her website here


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