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I am not even going to try and delve deep into the message of the Hindi movie ‘Kshay’ (Corrode) . It’s too tempting a subject to go on about. This would risk me trying to either (a) appear to be an expert on the movie’s underlying premise (since I seem to have unlimited viewpoints on it) or (b) end up sounding like a movie critic, which I am not or (c) parting with my sentiments on the movie, consequently, affecting you, the movie-goer.

I am going to say one thing though – it is one of the finest depictions of an obsessive personality that I have seen an actor portray, an actor who may or may not even harbor such tendencies. It is only when you meet the artists behind the creative product, do you say to yourself, ‘There are some fine actors out there!’

I was beginning to wonder — and I am sure you some of you will empathize with me when I say this – whether we have officially embarked on a movie-going era where the only way you could sell your movie was either by performing stunts with cars or gyrating to singers imported from the west side. Thank you team ‘Kshay’, you have restored my faith in the art. A good movie can hold its own.

We have the cast and crew on DIAF talk about Kshay, making a film on obsession and using ‘an Indian middle class as a carrier’ in the words of Director Karan Gour, Kshay.

The Trailer:



Writer / Director — Karan Gour

Producers — Karan Gour, Shaan Vyas

Executive Producers — Adityavikram Gupta • Devesh Gour • Siddharth Bhatia • Vinay Mohindar

Cast: Rasika Dugal (Lead Actress) as Chhaya, Alekh Sangal (Lead Actor) as Arvind, Sudhir Pednekar as Bapu, Adityavardhan Gupta as the Sculptor, Nitika Anand (Neighbor) as Shruti, Asit Redij as Asif, Ashwin Baluja as Jamil, Siddharth Bhatia as Amay