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Anyone would be able to spot the ‘what-is-the-fuss-all-about’ scenario that took place at the Dubai Mall a little over a week ago. IF you were on the right floor that is! Panicking to make it right on time for my interview slot with Mr. Michel Adam, I frantically called up Louisa (tall, beautiful and kind), ‘Hi Louisa (huff puff etc) I am opposite Bloomingdale’s, why isn’t there any paparazzi and noise here? Am I at the right place? Where is the store? It is on level ‘G’, right?’ I ask. To which Louisa ever-so-patiently replied, ‘Oh no! It’s on level 1, c’mon up.’

There you go! Now I see it. The familiar feeling re-visits – watching models, photographers, TV crews, flash bulbs, cameras and tripods doing their jobs and the lovely PR ladies playing perfect hostesses to the guests. I heaved a sigh of relief the minute the aural and visual senses got what they were looking for!

Fashion TV (FTV) opened its 71st ‘I Love Fashion’ store in Dubai at the Dubai Mall, promising to offer luxury collections at affordable prices. Sounds good to me. Although, I couldn’t get much out of the man himself (except, ‘I love you Dubai’) Michel Adam, I did manage to capture the feel for you to view! Hey that rhymes!

Some facts and figures about Fashion TV (FTV) for those interested:

  • Fashion TV broadcasts in 193 countries to over 350 million households and 7 million public locations
  • It is the only 24-hour fashion, beauty & lifestyle television station worldwide. Its content focuses on fashion shows, backstage access, photographers, models and celebrities.
  • Based in Paris, France since 1997, Fashion TV is streamed through 30 satellites and thousands of cable operators.
  • In August 2010, more than 14 million video views were achieved from all over the world. On YouTube, Fashion TV reaches 400 million homes.

The A/V:


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