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This is Dubai in a Frame’s first email interview. Cornelia Baciu, it is a privelege to have you on Dubai in a Frame. Cornelia lives in Abu Dhabi and she did not see herself coming down to Dubai anytime soon which is why I could not do a v-log on her. I, on the other hand could not wait to get her art to you, which is why I decided to go ahead and do a Q&A via email…with pictures of her artwork to follow, of course.

Born in Bucharest, Cornelia Baciu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philology Foreign Languages and Translation. She has been living and working in Abu Dhabi since 2008. She is a Mixed Media Artist and Wearable Art Designer. The purpose of her artwork is to show that even though people are used to viewing art only in museums or art galleries, it can be brought to life in a different form – reinventing and reinterpreting it in an original and distinctive way through sculptural constructions of ‘mixed media wearable art’.

DIAF: What is the type of art that you specialize in? (mixed media, please can you elaborate?)

Cornelia: Mixed media refers to the combination of different materials and methods, rather than only one medium. I use a variety of materials in my artwork – acrylic paints, inks, polymer clay, silver and aluminum wire, 24 K gold leaf, semi-precious stones and resin and each of my creations is hand-painted and hand-sculpted, combining contemporary and traditional designs and techniques.

DIAF: Wearable Art is an interesting concept. How did you get into it? Did you specialize in it? Is there a course one can enroll in?

Cornelia: The concept of “Wearable art” refers to individually designed pieces of hand-made jewelry created as fine or expressive art – intended to be accepted as a serious and unique artistic creation or statement. Pieces may be sold and/or exhibited. When we do some research on this idea, we discover a “wearable art movement” spanning roughly through the years from 1930 to 1960. Some twentieth-century modern artists and architects sought to elevate bodily ornamentation, that is, jewelry to the level of fine art and original design, rather than mere decoration, craft production of traditional designs, or conventional settings for showing off expensive stones or precious metals. In “Modernist Jewelry 1930-1960: The Wearable Art Movement” (2004), author Marbeth Schon explores unique and innovative wearable art objects created by surrealists, cubists, abstract expressionists, and other modernist artists working in the middle decades of the twentieth century.

This concept is unique in UAE. I am fascinated and inspired by art history and I always like to make a statement and wear one of kind pieces that reflect my individualism, my cultural and artistic values and to be out of the ordinary – this is how it all started – by creating my own unique jewelry and accessories.

I am a self-taught artist – I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Philology Foreign Languages and Translation. I had been working as a translator and a Recruitment Specialist until recently when I decided to concentrate on my passion – art and design. I would like to thank my parents and my husband who encouraged and supported me to follow my dream.

DIAF: Who is your consumer? I use the word consumer in the most positive way to mean, ‘who consumes your artwork and appreciates it?’

Cornelia: My creations are meant for the person who wants to make a statement and be out of the ordinary, for the person who wants to express her love for art and cultural values, the person who wants to be unique and is interested in one of kind pieces, not in mass production.

DIAF: Where do you get your inspirations from?

Cornelia: I get my inspiration mostly from art history – from the masterpieces of Van Gogh, Dali, Matisse, Klimt and many other amazing artists. Sometimes I am inspired by an architectural wonder – I once created a necklace inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Mosque or it could be an event (like the UAE National Day Collection) that inspires me, a state of mind or my imagination comes to life in unique pieces of wearable art.

DIAF: What makes you choose a particular painting or artwork to imitate it into ‘wearable art?’  Do customers tell you that they want this particular painting imitated?

Cornelia: First of all my artwork does not “imitate” a painting. I get my inspiration from a painting but my work is not a reproduction – I reinvent it in a sculptural construction of wearable art – it is my own interpretation of the specific artwork. When I create a piece, either I choose one of my favorite paintings or I create a piece based on the customer’s choice.

DIAF: How can someone buy your artworks if they wanted to?

Cornelia: I can be contacted online through my blog – http://corneliawearableart.blogspot.com and my Facebook page CORNELIA BACIU WEARABLE ART DESIGN. My artwork can be purchased from LA PAROLE ART GALLERY in Abu Dhabi.







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  1. RIMYA February 19, 2012

    Hi i love ur collections very much ,its owsome creation,i am also n jewellery designing but n beaded jewellery .if u hav time watch my page n fb ,http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Aashiyana-Collection/213792088644729(ths s my link)

    1. shwetadembla February 19, 2012

      Hi Rimya,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree, Cornelia’s jewelry is amazing. You should look her up on Facebook and get in touch with her to tell her that. She’d be very happy. I saw your FB page and photos. Nice work! Please do email me some more images of your latest work on [email protected]! I look forward to seeing it!

      All the best,


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