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How uncanny is this? I came across a quote on perfume by Vivienne Westwood when I took to my friend Google to help me at the end of a brain-dead day. Uncanny, why you ask? Because I just happen to meet her son at the launch of ‘FREAK’ –a perfume by Illamasqua – that he flew down to the city for it’s launch at Bloomingdale’s Dubai.

‘But, having a perfume and license, in general, is a financial necessity. A designer must, to reap back the money spent on prototypes and all that sort of thing’ – Vivienne Westwood.

Really, you have to give it to the masters at work behind the theatrics that were at play here. There was a ‘Freak Show’ staged at the launch to promote the perfume.

Illamasqua is the brainchild of Julian Kynaston. Focusing on the belief that we all have an ‘alter ego’, FREAK was created to possibly remind men and women to explore that ‘other’ side of themselves that they perhaps keep tame. I’m assuming the symbolism was based on this intellection.

Enough about what I thought of the event. Let me introduce you to Joseph Corre. Corre, born in South London, to mother-designer Vivienne Westwood and father-manager of the Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren, was introduced to the fashion industry from a very young age. One of his more prominent achievements is co-founding Agent Provocateur in the early nineties. DIAF, however, spoke to him about FREAK.

Another noteworthy persona that I must mention, without whom perhaps creating this fragrance would have been a challenge, is it’s originator, Azzi Glasser.

She is also the creator of the award winning Agent Provocateur Parfum, has collaborated for Alexander McQueen, Jean Patou, Kylie Minogue’s Private Collection for the V+A’;this just to name a few feathers in her hat.

Watch the launch, a chat with Joseph Corre and a briefing on the perfume by Azzi Glasser.



  1. sophie December 19, 2011

    Love it – Sounds and looks amazing!!

    1. shwetadembla December 19, 2011

      Thank you Sophie. I hope that you continue to enjoy the contents of Dubai in a Frame.