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I really enjoyed this workshop on fashion blogging. So, I got a little carried away with the long video. Sorry about that. But for those of you who would like to know what constitutes a good blog (towards the end of the video) and the various possibilities of monetizing it — as I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind that — this is a good watch.

Jessica Weiss, co-founder of Germany’s most popular fashion blog LesMads.de hosted a workshop on Fashion Blogging at The Pavilion Downtown, Dubai. She started LesMads.de together with her friend Julia in 2007.

At the workshop, she talked about her experiences, opportunities and challenges of creating a personal blog. Today, everyone can express his or her ideas about fashion, styling and trends. So, how do you stand out?

Oh and how she made money and a living out of it. Well, hers was a unique and extremely lucky case. Her blog was supported by a big publishing house in Germany called Hubart Berda Media. The rest is her-story.

Watch Jessica’s story:


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