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Turkish artist Ergin Çavusoglu’s exhibit entitled, ‘Dust Breeding’ at The Pavilion Downtown was nothing short of brilliant. I am forced to ponder over how some people are blessed with such an ingenious mind. As an appreciator of the fine things in life, Dubai in a Frame happened partially because I wanted to be able to capture these imaginative and inspiring people.

Struck by the finer things in life, yes, but I wouldn’t want to talk about them just for the sake of. The result? You sometimes end up sounding like, ‘someone who is just pretending to know extensively about a particular subject’. Too cautious to fall into that category, I’m going to refrain from talking at length about Çavusoglu’s art exhibit that I was lucky to witness. Rather, I’m going to let you watch the A/V to see the brilliance for yourself (you will further acknowledge the power of the visual medium after this, I guarantee!)

Ergin calls himself a contemporary artist and is known for his film and video installations. The type of art exhibit that we are talking about in this feature is called, ‘an interactive vinyl perspective floor drawing’.

Watch the drawing on the floor, followed by the clip on the TV monitor to see the actual artwork:

Interviews with the man himself and curator, Sara Raza to follow:


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