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World Arthritis Day is celebrated on the 12th of October. The Emirates Arthritis Foundation (EAF) organized an event to commemorate the day — ‘Power to Move Action for Arthritis’.  From fashion shows to a ‘Stand up for Arthritis’ comedy show, the entire day was bursting with activities with one message – to increase awareness about the condition.

Launched under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussei, the foundation is managed by Katrina Thornley, Patient Support Director at the foundation. I spoke to the very lovely lady. I also had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Humeira Badsha, Rheumatologist based in Dubai. She tell us what she, along with the EAF is doing to spread awareness about arthritis and more:

Here are some myths that I found out  about the condition:

  • That it only occurs in old age
  • That massages are good for the joints which are  affected
  • That it occurs in people that have a poor diet
  • That arthritis gets better or worse due to different weather conditions or is symptomatic of the weather
  • That exercising makes the condition worse
  • That if you constantly crack your knuckles, you will develop arthritis