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It was apt for me to feature Khulood Thani in my Newsmakers section as she is, well, making news. A La Mode Fashion event during the London Fashion Week had a soft launch for her clothing brand called, ‘bint thani’ in September 2011 and then went on to showcase her Spring / Summer 2012 collection at the LFW. If that is not something to brag about, for an artist (designers can be rightfully labeled artists, right?) who has recently had her first outing in the world of fashion, it’s hard to think of what is.

Khulood is the first UAE national to get her Masters in Fashion Management and Marketing from ESMOD Paris. An emerging designer, Khulood considers fashion an ‘art of living.’

Another reason Khulood is featured in the Newsmakers section is because she has been swimming in media interviews. Newsworthy? I think so. A major English daily had a two page spread about the designer lately, she has had a documentary done on her and if that’s not enough, she will be in the news again, very soon. This time, for a very exciting task that will involve her extending her expertise to the local fashion scenario. Watch this space for more.

For now, watch the video where the lovely Khulood talks about her love affair with fashion and all things nice:


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