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I had done a story on Mulberry a couple of months ago (yes it actually was a like telling a story about the brand – how it started, how it has completely revamped and positioned itself in the market today, successfully attracting the younger generation as well). I for one, applaud their immensely successful marketing strategy. Read about that feature here.

I attended their 40th anniversary celebrations a few days ago. They launched a “super exclusive bag” at the event; that is what the invite read. The crowds couldn’t seem to get enough of looking, touching, feeling and even placing the coveted bag on their shoulders.

I still prefer the signature Bayswater handbags. They spell ‘Mulberry’ to me. Or even the exotic extensions of the Bayswater bag like the ‘Silky Snake Print’ handbags.

I got the chance to speak to the extremely gorgeous, Lina Samman, who was kind enough to speak to the camera even though she felt a bit shy. Thank you Mrs. Samman, you are very kind.

Watch the A/V to see what she said and the coveted bag that was launched that day:



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