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I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this event. All I knew was that it is going to be held at the Armani Hotel and that there was going be a competition for ten amateur chefs to demonstrate their culinary skills. Once I got there, I saw this larger than expected podium where the judges were seated and there were at least ten huge microwave ovens at each contender’s table. Turns out, the LG ‘Life Tastes Good’ competition was going to introduce a new microwave (to put it simply for us laypeople to understand) that would cook meat, fish and things that you wouldn’t imagine stuffing in, in the most used machine in your kitchen.

And, the competition was on a much larger scale than I thought. LG would pick two winners who would then participate in a regional round of the competition in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sixty minutes, one extraordinary dish in this state-of the art machine was what was expected from the contestants. Dubai In a Frame spoke to the judges about the competition and how they were going to judge these participants — Alfredo Albergatore, Executive Chef at Emporio Armani Café and Putu Fadly Widarte, Chef de Cuisine at the Armani Hotel. Sadly, I did not get the chance to speak to the winners, Marcela Ofrim, who came in first place and Zerin who came in second.

Watch the A/V to get a feel of the event:


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