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It is rather unusual for me to make it to an event half an hour prior to the SAT. Tardiness is a trait I am working to get rid of. So anyway, I am glad that I got to the Top Shop A/W 2011 Style Workshop with Grazia Middle East (phew!) event a bit early. This way, I had the chance to get a feel of what we were in for.

The amphitheater-style seating was laid out for us to get comfortable enough to view a round-up of Top Shop’s main looks for A/W ’11.

By the way did you guys know that Top Shop is the only high street brand to hold a scheduled runway show at the London Fashion Week? Well, you learn something new every day! I did.

Some insights that I took home with me from the event: (Thank you Top Shop and team Grazia)

Color Trends: From monochrome to bright, bold prints and everything in between. I noticed that navies, corals and hues of purple were dominating the shelves.

Patterns : I thought we’d be done with animal prints by this season (it’s been a while now?) but they are still to be flaunted. I’d rather let the animal prints spill onto my accessories like the ultra slim belts and hand carries. We all know that polka dots have been in since last season. The trend continues.

Styles: My fav picks were the peter pan collars, lose cardigans, leather jackets with a hint for fake fur. I absolutely adore the peter pan collars. They are edgy, feminine, elegant and chic, all at the same time.

Fabrics:  A whole lot of fake fur on jackets, there were silks, chiffon (sheerness style alert), leather either teamed up with another fabric or on its own. Oh and I am so looking forward to trench coats this season!

Accessories: As I said, I love the spilling over of various animal prints on to my accessories. A hint of them on the platform of your pumps maybe? And my favorite this season — the ultra thin waist belts. The satchels, which take me back to my college days, are so functional besides looking great! Let them dangle diagonally I say! They are available in various styles at the store.

So ladies, look the part and have fun with your clothes!

Watch the video of the event, Top Shop Style Workshop A/W ‘11:



  1. Delna Prakashan September 30, 2011

    Excellent coverage!!

    1. shwetadembla September 30, 2011

      Thank you so much Delna! 🙂 Appreciate your feedback..
      You know I was just going to request you to comment so that would encourage others to do it as well. But then you did it anyway. My telepathic messages are very strong these days ;). This is the fourth time in 2 weeks…..

  2. Prianca September 30, 2011

    Hey! fun post! Looking forward to more events covered in Dubai! Keep me posted:-)

    1. shwetadembla September 30, 2011

      Thank you Prianca !! 🙂 I liked your coverage on this event too. Appreciate you posting a comment. Please continue to if you like something. I want to encourage people to comment! For sure, I will keep you posted. See you soon.