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It looks as though I am not the only one who seeks to find traces of ‘Old Dubai’ wherever she can (click here). ‘Substations’, an exhibition of photographs held at The Pavilion, Downtown Dubai, last week by photographers Mohamed Somji and Sinisa Vlajkovic, aimed to do just that.

Not one to quote a press release verbatim, I am going to make an exception this time as I really couldn’t have said it better myself. The release reads,” They challenge the city’s impersonal modernization with a reassurance that there is always time for tea and an armchair conversation.”

Someone once said to me that if you look at an aerial view shot of the city, particularly the Sheikh Zayed road, which is outlined by a thread of giant towers fighting for that coveted spot, look closer and you will see that behind the city’s ever-changing skyline, resides a realm of untouched space wooing you to take note of its presence.

Don’t get me wrong, the Metro is a boon, the five storey malls I cannot do without and the fancy five stars, I love to dine in. However, it makes you wonder why it’s human nature to get attracted to one’s past, the place that we spent our formative years in….

Mohamed Somji and Sinisa Vlajkovic:


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