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If the soiree that I attended is any indication of what brand DFW has planned for us next month, the scales seem to tip towards a brighter future for the said fashion week. Or so, we all really do hope.

Now, I am not the best judge of how a fashion week should or should not be, essentially the makings of one, but I do know that at the end of any event, people should either go back happy or have great things to say about it? Seemingly, that hasn’t been the case in the last few seasons at DFW, particularly, how it had been staged.

It’s human nature to ask for a second chance, and going by the turn out during that evening, it appeared to me that we were in fact willing to give it another go.

That we have immense local talent here isn’t news flash, but an efficient podium to flaunt it to the world; that is what I am sure designers (local or international, emerging or established) would want.

When I asked Simon Lock about what he had planned for new beginnings, and what was perhaps lacking all these years, he simply said that we need to give these immense talents a platform “to be able to showcase their collections properly, in a professional and international way.”

Some of the designers that are partaking in the DFW Spring/Summer 2012, to be held next month, are Furne One, Shrekahnth, Mehwish Afzal, Aarshika, Jaya Misra and USH DESIGN by Abeer Al Suwaidi, to name a few.

Here’s to better beginnings……and a happy ending!

Simon Lock on Dubai in a Frame:




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