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So, I asked Tariq Malik from Momentum Dubai, (who is one-half of this new venture), “Who would buy designer vintage watches? Specifically in Dubai? Is there a market for this unique business enterprise?”

I was intrigued by Tariq’s reasoning and philosophy behind the idea. He gave me statistics about how old Dubai (as a city) is. Says he, “Maybe 20, 25 years old? And if someone wanted to buy pieces a day before that, how would they be able to get it?”

Not fully convinced, I probed further, “but why would someone want to buy a pre-owned designer watch when they can very well afford a new one?” Clearly, these watches aren’t cheap?

And so, we came back to the same point. That in Dubai, everyone wants to stand out! I didn’t need further convincing. Most people reading this, who understand the personality of this city, its idiosyncrasies, agree?

Whether it is that coveted car, those shoes that just hit the stores that have a particular style in just a few sizes or a one-of-its kind designer piece back from the day — a noticeably popular trend called ‘vintage’ or as I also like to call it, embracing the yesteryears — we need to have that one unique look, that piece of fashion that nobody in Dubai owns.

Tariq seems to have understood the city’s pulse and he isn’t afraid of taking the bull by the horns. Quoting him, “Everyone in Dubai wants to have the rarest pieces, they wanna have the most expensive pieces, and they don’t know those pieces can be vintage watches, which is really rare.”

Watch him pitch to Dubaizens about his company and why we should go check it out:


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  1. Chona October 2, 2011

    i am selling my Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Limited Edition ‘The Legend’ Co-Axial Chronograph watch, how much are you going to buy?

    Thank you

    1. shwetadembla October 2, 2011

      Hi Chona,

      Thank you for visiting Dubai in a Frame. I will put forth your query to Tariq, who is the contact person for Momentum Watches. Please check your email.
      If you like what you see please ‘like’ us on Facebook and spread the word about DIAF to your friends.
      Thank you Chona. Do keep watching Dubai in a Frame for lots more on fashion, art and more!

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