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When a city is obsessed with such sartorial savoir-faire like Dubai is, there is little reason why an idea like the Dubai Designer Market would not do reasonably well. Founded by Melanie Beese, the market is for people who wish to sell their old (gently used, almost-in-mint-condition) designer wear word so that they can hit their favorite stores again, to stock up on new material.

The market had everything — from designer shoes, handbags, ready-to-wear, accessories like belts, scarves, and all kinds of jewelry (previously owned and new). The glamour and gloss was hard to overlook.

I spoke to a few private vendors in addition to some well-known brands that were present that day and the general consensus was, ‘This is truly a brilliant way to further indulge in our vices minus the guilt.’

This market seems to have gained momentum with every event.

Another stall that I came across, I decided to dedicate a whole post to it. A rare concept that has graced our fashionable shores – access to sought after ‘vintage watches.’ Click here to read about it and watch the feature.

Coming back to the designer market, the beauty behind the brains of this exciting market talks to us:


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