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One of Dubai’s older spas, the Cleopatra Spa at the Pyramids, Wafi, always reminds me of…..‘Old Dubai.’ The old Dubai that I’m sure, people that have lived here long enough, cherish.

With so many new spas in the city beckoning you to come pamper yourself, the Cleopatra’s spa, to me, resurrects the charm of the Dubai that was……a decade ago. Maybe because of its location, a sense of familiarity with the place, or the fact that it houses itself in one of the oldest malls in the city, the Wafi Mall. Or all of the above. And, it was the first day spa to have opened in Dubai too.

Post the flowery formalities (read: delightful) at my reception, I found myself debating between the Royal Javanese treatment (their signature treatment) and the Cleopatra’s Bronze Bath! Ahh! How can you not mention the famous Cleopatra’s Milk Bath treatment when we speak of this spa. This uber-rich treatment easily makes you feel like a princess. Needless to mention then, I indulged myself in the latter. Should I really talk about its appeal or let you guys experience it for yourselves?

I should mention however — maybe I have yet to experience the Gondola Massage on a boat amidst clear blue waters in Venice or a de-knotting Balinese massage by the pool / beach side at one of Asia’s most magnificent resorts, The Banyan Tree. But, for now, this one’s good enough for me!

You can call 04-3247700 to make an appointment.

DIAF takes you inside the Cleopatra’s Spa:




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