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Mr Paul Kenny, Founder / Chief Executive Officer of cobone.com exudes optimism beyond belief. His energy towards his work is infectious. His words, ‘The only thing stopping you from achieving your goal or passion is you’, reverberates in my mind. What a great piece of advice! Little wonder then that they have become the largest group buying website in the region.

With over 300 businesses waiting to get on to cobone.com in Dubai alone, over 700,000 subscribers to the site, 350,000 Face Book fans, cobone.com communicates with over 7 million users every week in the Middle East. And this, all in under a year.

Cobone.com makes its presence felt in 5 countries at the moment — Lebanon, Jordan, KSA, Egypt and the UAE, selling over 12,000 cobones every week.

And people, they are hiring right now. This doesn’t come as a surprise at the rate they are expanding.

Watch Mr. Paul Kenny talk about his very successful venture.



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