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A social fashion enterprise. That just sounds so unique that you immediately want to probe. This is what Nadine Mezher, a Dubai-based (originally from Beirut, Lebanon) entrepreneur has introduced to this vibrant city.

The social fashion enterprise is called ‘Nawa’, which, in Arabic means a seed. Nawa was launched in the summer of 2011. All the net profits from the sale of the products are routed back into the community. The mission is to implant a sustainable improvement in people’s lives through fashion.

Nadine has worked for some of the most well-known fashion houses like Chanel and Elie Saab! (the kind that aspiring fashion designers the world over would give an arm and a leg for, just to have these names on their repertoire).

Nawa’s first product is called the ‘Tree of Life’, a handbag (pictured in the video) that symbolizes the connection of all forms of creation. “The proceeds from the sales will enable us to launch our first project which is the creation of a vocational center for marginalized women in a small deprived town of Lebanon,” says an enthusiastic Nadine.

One look at the bag (an oversized clutch imho), and you want to own it. Its design is one of its kind and it comes with a gold chain if you want to sling it on your shoulder.

Watch the video where Nadine Mezher talks about how she got into fashion, her eventual goal for Nawa and what she thinks of Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, having had the privilege of working with him.

Location Courtesy : The Pavilion Downtown Dubai. A big thank you to the PR girls at The Pavilion for letting Dubai in a Frame shoot there.



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