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This product saved my soul when all else failed. Sounds a bit like one of those telemarketing adverts. But it’s true and I believe that credit should be given where it is due.

Elemis has worked for my skin, which means it would probably work for most hypersensitive skin(s). Their anti-ageing range is nothing short of marvelous, mainly because of the texture of their day-night creams. Feels like you have nothing on.

Elemis is primarily known as a ‘spa brand’ in Britain, which is where it originates from. Renowned for its anti ageing range, it diligently uses natural ingredients with the very latest in scientific research (for skin related issues). As I mention in the video, I simply love their tag line. It uses few words to say exactly what it is all about – Defined by Nature, Led by Science. Brevity is definitely their forte.

Watch the video to see what Ms. Louise Bunting – International Elemis Trainer has to say about their products, how we can prevent / combat the ageing process and a little bit about the famous three step routine – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize.

International Elemis trainer talks to Dubai in a Frame



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