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This is the stuff that most women’s dreams are made of, jewels that don’t just dazzle but are also worth a fortune. One of nature’s most marvelous objects, diamonds.

Since the Maison was first established, Van Cleef & Arpels has distinguished itself with a superlative strength of imagination. I
came across a divine fairytale-like story while I was reading ‘Reflections of Eternity’ by Van Cleef & Arpels that was graciously given to me, that I would like to share. Excerpts from the story:

‘No one knows the name of the prince, nor the extent of the power that was once his. No memory remains of his wealth, military glory, the territories he conquered or the peoples he vanquished. What does remain, in the shelter of a tumulus, in a funerary chamber or at the bottom of a sarcophagus: Jewels and finery.

That the signs of power can outlive power itself and that frivolity prevails in the long-term, over thousand-year-old empires’ desire to endure, confirms Lao-Tzu’s view that the feminine will always defeat the masculine in the end, that yin will prevail
over yang.

But without this luxury, without the ostentation of the emblems of power and wealth, would not kings and princes be revealed to be just like ordinary mortals?’

This my dear friends is the weight of jewels, of these matters of substance, that make even people of power and prestige seem like, as the story says, mere mortals.

Coming back to the Maison, (notice that Van Cleef & Arpels do not refer to themselves as a ‘brand’) I love how they call their
jewels ‘Stones of Character.’ It gives them so much more, well, character.

Les Voyages Extraordinaires is a collection that is inspired by four stories from the French writer Jules Verne, a novelist from
the 19th century. His dreamlike world is echoed in the imagination of the Maison whose artistic heritage is based on the beauty of flora and fauna, the sky and the stars and a myriad of imaginary creatures.

I interviewed Ms. Cecilia Oungre, Marketing & Communications Assistant, Van Cleef & Arpels, ME

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