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The Mulberry AW11 Press Preview that was held at the Fashion Dome, Mall of the Emirates was telling us one thing for sure, that you cannot stop getting enough inspiration from nature.

I have a reason for my delay in posting this. I waited (and waited) for the folks at Mulberry to get back to me on a couple of questions about a story that I wanted to carry. Alas! I took matters into my own hands! Although, thank you very much for the video link to the Mulberry SS11 campaign, Marianne (which, my dear readers, you can watch at the end of the post, courtesy, Mulberry, UK)

I wanted to do a story on brand Mulberry, a story on how Mulberry has re-invented itself in the last five or six odd years. Curious to get to the bottom of what and who has been instrumental in re-designing their brand image, I took to our dear friend, Google.

I did some virtual shoveling and found out that a gentleman named Nicholas Knightly was behind Mulberry’s reinvention process when he joined the brand in 2004. More about that later. But first, a little background history about the brand.

Possessing chiefly British roots, Mulberry was brought to life in 1971 in Somerset, England. Going on to quickly gaining reputation of becoming the first British lifestyle brand of their time, Mulberry created two iconic bags, the Bayswater and the Roxanne (pictured). Besides being ethically sourced, these poacher ‘must have’ bags of their times, were in sync with the classic British brand sensibility.

One look at the AW ‘11 handbags (as I’m sure you will agree after seeing the pictures) and you will empathize with my desire to probe. Highly covetable stuff this!

It fascinates me how Mulberry has graduated from the seasoned or shall we say veteran consumer who, we may presume, given the history of the brand, was probably forty plus, to thirty and even-twenty something today! That is a feat. The discerning, au courant lady of fashion knows what she wants. The designs (in this case re-definition) of a brand are very capable of selling itself if they are appealing, relatable and fashionable to the consumer. The fact is, Mulberry has done just that. It has entered the hearts and minds of many such young women and men alike, whilst preserving its heritage. No longer is it a brand that represents old school thought and designs.

Today, celebrities like Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Mischa Barton and Blake Lively are often seen flaunting their Mulberry totes and bags. More reason to celebrate this hand carry?

Back to the man who was responsible for changing it all and bringing Mulberry where it is today. Nicholas Knightly. I did some searching as I was saying earlier, and this is what I found. This article is quite archaic. Nonetheless, if it is true, it is a great read. The website seems legit so I doubt that they would carry something that isn’t. Dubai in a Frame would hate to post untrue information. The authenticity of the interview is courtesy of the website.

Click here to read the story

I love what Knightly says at the end of the interview. ‘This’ probably referring to the re-invention of the British brand — “This was desperately needed, as it is not by age that you can judge a customer these days.”

I love his philosophy about age not weighing him down whilst creating his designs as we love how far Mulberry has come because of him.

By the way, did you know that mulberry also does stationery items?

Below, photos that Dubai in a Frame took at the Mulberry AW11 Press Preview, Mall of the Emirates

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